Alfaisal University opened its doors with a flurry of activity on Saturday October 11, 2008. The historic inaugural cadre of anxious students started arriving for their first day of classes at the campus as early 7.00am, with Alfaisal faculty and staff ready to assist them to class.

The inaugural semester began with the Colleges of Engineering, Medicine, and Business conducting classes for the students, who have already been registered and oriented.

Dr. Alan Goodridge, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Acting President stated “I’d like to welcome all the students and faculty. I’m delighted that everything is going well despite some minor glitches that are typical of the first day of fall classes world-wide. I thank all of the staff of Alfaisal; your hard work has made this opening a reality.”

Dr. Christopher Shove, Acting Dean for the College of Business and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs said “Things went as expected . There was a little bit of confusion but that’s to be expected. Students were very anxious to go to school as some students showed up as early as 6:00 a.m.”

The new purpose built high tech campus became alive with the sounds of eager students ready to begin classes after a long 4 month break away from studies. Over 85 students were present for classes.

Dr. Terry Motiuk, Vice President for Finance and Administration said, “This is a most exciting time in Alfaisal’s short history to now receive the inaugural, pioneering batch of qualified students. Our dreams and aspirations are now shared and becoming a reality through the students and initial research efforts of our talented faculty. I wish each student to embrace this unique opportunity with Alfaisal and dedicate their time, talent and resources to be most successful”.

Alfaisal University leadership, faculty and staff all worked round-the-clock to have the campus ready for the students. The I.T. department worked to have the labs set-up and the classrooms audio/visuals ready for instructors for the first day. Wireless services were provided to the students and faculty as well.

Dr. Mohammed Kafaji; Director of IT Services said, “IT services was glad to see IT operations are well aligned with Alfaisal’s vision”.

An unannounced visit made by HH Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid Al Saud, Chairman of the Executive Committee to the campus, added to the days excitement and momentum. He was met by Alfaisal leadership and witnessed the dreams and aspirations becoming a reality as the university became functional on its first day.