The students of Pharm. D program together with Pharmacy Student Association (PSA) at College of Pharmacy of Alfaisal University have been recently actively involved in the “International Week of Antibiotics Awareness”. The activity has been successfully conducted on the 12th– 18th of November 2018. This movement was set to assess and spread knowledge of antibiotics use, misuse and general instructions of antibiotics administration. More importantly, it also involved sending messages and awareness to explain the significance rising from irrational and inappropriate use of antibiotics when it comes with dealing with infections and human pathogens.

In particular, the issue of the dramatic rise of antibiotic resistance over the recent years. The students disseminated enlightening brochures that have information and guidance on how to use antibiotics properly, how to avoid infections and where to find help and guidance when it comes to dealing with these infections. This achieved via illustrative tools that were made in both Arabic and English languages and passed freely to the general visitors at the attractive booth of the event. With the colourful welcoming and high ambitious attitude, the students of Pharm. D program at Alfaisal University were able to show with confidence their knowledge, passion of pharmaceutical sciences, and more importantly, their dedication to serve and help spreading the pharma knowledge they gain to the entire participants from different backgrounds of the community.

They indeed, illustrated and put forward many aspects related to antibiotics pharmaceutical packages, video-graphics demonstration, puzzles and games, flying balloons and colourful lights, snacks and drinks for their interested visitors. It give us a tremendous sense of pride and responsibility to be part of such organization and activity at Alfaisal University that always determined to be one of the pioneers in the local and regional communities that carry the torch of development and knowledge for all human beings.