Alfaisal University, College of Medicine, is proud to share the great recent achievements of Dr Ahmed Yaqinuddin, Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Studies -COM, and Dr Junaid Kashir, Director of Research-COM where they have had two consecutive original articles accepted for publication regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Both original articles, published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, propose novel diagnostic and therapeutic avenues to tackle the ongoing global pandemic. Let us hope that these novel directions will assist Saudi and global efforts to save lives. The titles of these papers are:

  1. Innate immunity in COVID-19 patients mediated by NKG2A receptors, and potential treatment using Monalizumab, Cholroquine, and antiviral agents.
  2. Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assays as a rapid diagnostic for COVID-19

We congratulate Dr. Yaqinuddin and Dr. Kashir for their accepted publications and proactivate motivations towards a healthier community and a more safe world!