Alfaisal University was extremely proud to be represented by six of their second year medical students at the 52nd Annual Congress of the International College of Angiology held in Lexington, Kentucky this past October 2010.

The Alfaisal medical students presented their research paper entitled “Persistent Bilateral Sciatic Arteries: A Rare Finding of Teaching Importance” at a forum of the Young Investigator Award Competition at the World Congress of International College of Angiology in Lexington Kentucky, USA, from October 17-19, 2010.

None of this would have been possible without the expertise and experience of the students’ professor. Dr. Paul Ganguly, Professor of Anatomy at Alfaisal University, noticed an unusual artery in one of the medical student anatomy laboratory sessions. He and Ms. Michéle Cowan as well as the students dissected the artery and discovered it was a very rare abnormality. Dr. Ganguly and the students then submitted their findings to the International Congress of Angiology and the Congress found this of such interest that they invited them to present their findings at the Congress’s annual meeting in Kentucky.

The students said they were very proud to represent Alfaisal Medical College at such a prestigious conference.

Ahmed Alshibi added, “it will always stay a remarkable memory as it was the first international conference we attended.”

Abdulaziz Al Kattan found the opportunity very rewarding: “we gained both valuable knowledge and experience and I am looking forward to participating in future medical conferences.”

Karam Hamweyah commented, “It was a great opportunity spending time with a group of worldwide well-known cardio and endovascular surgeons. It was a real honor to be the youngest medical students among those who presented their work at the conference.”

The research presented by the students in the 52ndAnnual Congress had previously won the 1st prize in last year’s Research Poster Competition Day at Alfaisal University. In addition, the manuscript describing their findings has been accepted by the International Journal of Angiology and will be published during the upcoming year.

“I was deeply impressed with the Alfaisal Students, not only the presentation
and interesting subject but also their academic quality and sincere attitude.”

Dr. John B Chang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International College of Angiology and Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Angiology.

“The students were superb and were interacting with congress people with great ease and interest.”
Dr. Kailash Prasad, Chairman of the Scientific Committee and Member of the Board of Directors of the International College of Angiology.