Colloid-Based Separations


Dr. Jim Roach, Professor of Chemistry in the College of Science and General Studies at Alfaisal University, gave a presentation on Colloid-Based Separations on Wednesday 6 May 2009 for Alfaisal faculty, staff and students. He discussed removal of uranium and perchlorate from aqueous solution using colloid enhanced ultrafiltration. Traditional colloid-enhanced ultrafiltration is a well-established membrane-based separation technique that can be used to isolate aqueous solution components. As groundwater contaminants, both perchlorate and uranium are now being detected in an increasing number of locations world-wide. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has recently established Drinking Water Equivalent Levels for perchlorate and uranium of just 24.5 ppb and 30.0 ppb respectively.

Dr. Theo Goosen, the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Alfaisal University, said that “We are very lucky to have someone of Jim’s caliber at Alfaisal. He not only knows his science and works hard to obtain external funding, but he is also popular with faculty, staff and students”.