Over the past few years, a tremendous surge of interest in the metaverse has led to increased research in this field. Metaverse is a shared, online 3D space where users can interact with each other and with computer-generated objects and avatars. The College of Business at Alfaisal University and the University of Goettingen have been at the forefront of this research, with academics in their marketing departments exploring and analyzing the metaverse and its precursors for over two decades.

To further advance this field of research, the two universities are collaborating to organize a joint workshop. The workshop aims to bring together former and current Ph.D. students who were/are mentored by Professor Dr. Maik Hammerschmidt, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Abosag, and Professor Dr. Welf H. Weiger.

The one-day workshop will allow participants to exchange feedback and ideas on work-in-progress research projects, discuss theories and methods related to the metaverse, and foster potential collaborations. The virtual workshop, scheduled for May 10th, 2023, will focus on various topics related to the metaverse, including idealistic consumer expectations, affordances of social VR communities, virtual influencers, meetings, and adverse consequences of virtual retailing.

In summary, this joint workshop will serve as a platform for leading scholars from both universities in the metaverse field to come together and share their research, insights, and ideas. Ideally, this workshop will spark further collaborations between the two universities and inspire future research in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.