Yogi Ahmad Erlangga an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the College of Science and General Studies at Alfaisal University talked with ScienceWatch.com and answered a few questions about this month’s Emerging Research Front paper in the field of Mathematics.

One of his papers entitled “A novel multigrid based preconditioner for heterogeneous Helmholtz problems” (Erlangga, Y;Oosterlee, C;Vuik, C. SIAM J SCI COMPUT, 27 (4): 1471-1492, 2006) is the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) most-cited paper in mathematics for October 2010, and was also featured as the Emerging Research Front in October 2010. In terms of practical applications, Dr. Erlangga says that with the world’s known oil reserves so much depleted amid high demands this novel method may be able to more accurately predict or find new oil deposits. For further reading please see