The College of Business has signed an MOU with Mubasher which provides students access to Mubasher’s financial market trading platform.  Mubasher is the leading financial trading platform in the MENA region, providing real time price dissemination and financial news along with a range of analytical tools allowing for technical analysis of financial securities.   The College of Business has already integrated the use of Mubasher’s trading platform into a number of Finance subjects, requiring students to utilize Mubashers trading platform as part of their studies.  Students are able to access 15 minute delayed data as well as historical data and financial statements on all companies listed on the Tadawul Stock Exchange.  Students are also able to trade a portfolio of stocks using virtual money based on actual trading on the Tadawul market.

The signing of the MOU with Mubasher demonstrates the College of Business’s dedication to linking theoretical business studies with real world applications.