One of Alfaisal University’s priorities is competence building by helping to develop a student’s intellectual abilities through involvement in focused research that addresses real community problems. The “Research Day” is held to strengthen the vision that research is indeed one of the missions of Alfaisal University. This year’s competition which had the theme “Human Capacity Building” attracted 21 posters from three colleges (Medicine, Engineering and Science & General Studies). Students presented their research activities/ proposals/ future programs.

Mohamed Diya Sabbagh, AbdulAziz AlKattan, Karam Hamweyah, Ahmed Alshibi, Osama Abou Saleh, Khalid Alshehri, College of Medicine, Bokhour: an Evaluation of a Prestigious Saudi Custom

Asem Elhossainy, Saeb Hashish, Nasir Nisar Arain, Amr Elhossainy, Mohammed Dahlawi, Abdallah Al-Ahaideb (missing), College of Medicine, Alfaisal University & Stress Level: A Comparative Study in Riyadh

Khaled bin Bander AlSaud from the College of Science & General Studies explaining his poster entitled “Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene and Graphene Containing Metal Nanoparticles”

Mohamed ElAmeen from the College of Engineering describing his work on “Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: Investigating the Performance Parameters of NACA 4-Digit-Airfoil Blades”

Mohanad Mahgoub and Sultan Almdallaleh from the College of Medicine answering questions from faculty judges on their poster “Gum Arabic: More Than a Traditional Remedy”

Participants in Second Annual Student Poster Competition 11 May 2011 Alfaisal University

Poster# Authors Poster Title College
1. Mohammad Adeeb Sebai, Khaled Ali Alsibai, Abdulmounem Mohammed Yassin-Kassab, Asim Ibrahim Mahmod, Asem Omar Daghistany Sports Medicine Medicine
2. Ziad El-Sawah Fluid Flow Over a Propeller-Driven UAV Engineering
3. Azhar FAROOQUI, Amr Jijakly, Sultan Bahatheq, Raid Albar, Hassan Mandeel, Abdulhameed Baddawi Impact of Unconcealed Traffic Cameras on the Prevalence of Accident Related CNS Injuries in the City of Riyadh Medicine
4. Mohanad Mahgoub and Sultan Almdallaleh Gum Arabic: More Than a Traditional Remedy Medicine
5. Karam Hamweyah, AbdulAziz AlKattan, Mohamed Diya Sabbagh, Khalid Alshehri, Osama Abou Saleh, Ahmed Alshibi Bokhour: An Evaluation of a Prestigious Saudi Custom Medicine
6. Abdulhameed AlMaarik, Abdulwahab Alfraih, Mohammed Khalid Magnetic Elevators: A Look into the Future Engineering
7. Mohamed ElAmeen Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: Investigating the Performance Parameters of NACA 4-Digit-Airfoil Blades Engineering
8. Tawfik Abou Assale Abdullah Al Amiri, Arif Abdulbaki, Mohamed Diya Sabbagh, Qais S. Saleh A Preliminary Bioinformatic Analysis of the Septin Gene Promoters Medicine
9. Abdallah Al-Ahaideb, Saeb Hashish, Nasir Nisar Arain, Amr Elhossainy, Asem Elhossainy and Mohammed Dahlawi Alfaisal University & Stress Level: A Comparative Study in Riyadh Medicine
10. Afsan Bin Farid, Mohammed Amer Swid , Arif AbdulBaki, Mohannad Maghoub Can you improve your memory using red light? Medicine
11. Bilal J. Alturkmani, Osama M. Abosaleh, Mohamad K. Bakro The Effect of Mitochondrial Morphology on its Function Medicine
12. Qais S. Dirar, Eyad Tamim Marashli, Nour Eddin Farouq Alshaaer, Adel Helmi Body Dysmorphic Disorder Medicine
13. Afsan Bin Farid, Abdulaziz Binaqail, Ahmad Mohammed Alshihri Sleep deprivation and its effect on performance of medical residents and interns in Riyadh, KSA Medicine
14. Anas Mouaz Al Refaie, Badeea Ferdaous Alferdaous Alazem, Usamah Mohammed Ajmal Energy Harvesting Shoes Using Magnetic Induction Engineering
15. Anas Al-Rifai Wireless energy transfer Engineering
16. S.M. Naqi Haider Rizvi Piezoelectric Effect in Electricity Generation Engineering
17. Motaz N. Alyafi, Abdulhadi A. AlAmodi Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm with Extensive Intracardiac Thrombus Formation: A Rare Finding in A Cadaver at Alfaisal University Medicine
18. Naif M.Ghazal, Muhammad H.Alrazaz Intelligent water level indicator device Engineering
19. A’man Inayah, Ahmed AbuZaid, Naser Ahmad, Azhar Farooqi, Dana Bakheet, Nduna Dzimiri Decoding the Signalling Network of the Scaffold Protein Striatin and its Role in Cardiac Function Medicine
20. Ahmed Abdelaal, Almutassem Kazkaz, Mohammed Alhamed, Sami Alazem, Motaz Chamseddin, Yahya Firoze and Hassan Rahmatullah. What language of instruction would contribute most to the education of medical doctors in the Arab world: English or Arabic? Science
21. Khaled bin bander AlSaud synthesis and characterization of graphene and graphene containing metal nanoparticles Science