Faculty Awards for Research Excellence are made to recognize, encourage, and reward those individuals whose research or creative endeavors have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. Acknowledgement is given to University of Arkansas, USA from which the Awards format and process have been adapted.

For the year 2021, the awarding ceremony took place on Thursday 9th of September 2021, where the winners were awarded for their remarkable research contribution and projects.


  • Haitham A. Al-Zoubi, Professor of Finance (COB)
  • Peter Cahusac, Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Biostatistic (COM)
  • Omar Ziad Ameer, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology (COP)
  • Saddam Muthana, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (COSGS)
  • Abd-Elhamid M. Taha, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering (COE)

About the eligibility of the awards:

  • Persons with faculty status as defined in the current faculty handbook, except for the adjunct and visiting categories, holding full-time faculty appointments who have completed two or more full years of service to the University may apply.
  • The participating research must be conducted at Alfaisal University; faculty who have administrative responsibilities are eligible if their teaching duties are 50% or more of their work assignment for the academic year in which they apply.
  • Persons may not receive the same award for a period of three years.