Mr. David Eisenberg and Mr. Brad Lancaster visited Alfaisal University on Saturday 18 April 2009 to share their experiences about two important environmental topics: Green buildings: the importance of indigenous building techniques and materials; and Exploitation of domestic wastewater and rain runoff. The event was well attended by faculty and students. Students in particular asked numerous questions both during and at the end of the two presentations.

Green Buildings: The importance of indigenous building techniques and materials

Mr. David Eisenberg, an expert on Green Building Materials, has spent his career advocating for sustainable development. As founder of the Building Code Committee of the U.S. Green Building Council, he has delivered keynote addresses and led seminars at dozens of conferences and universities throughout the world. Mr. Eisenberg promotes the use of indigenous, low-tech and traditional building materials to conserve resources, protect natural habitats and local culture, and save money. He is the author of “The Straw Bale House.”

Exploitation of domestic wastewater and rain runoff

Mr. Brad Lancaster, an expert on Water Harvesting and Water Management, is the author of the award-winning series “Rainwater Harvesting for Dry lands”. Mr. Lancaster promotes methods to conserve and exploit available water resources, such as rainwater, household wastewater, topsoil, sun, plants and more. He has “harvested” more than 350,000 liters of water towards food-bearing shade trees, gardens, and a flood-controlling landscape. He will present his research to the 2009 International Water Conservation Conference in Tucson, Arizona.