The Empowered Entrepreneur is an intensive program with focus on Entrepreneurship skills, includes a Finance-oriented segment, and Project Management Skills for life, for high school Young Youth (YYs). The program is an idea generation program designed to engage YYs in creating viable innovative concepts that solve real-world challenges. By participating in ideation activities, YYs engage proficiently in recognizing start-up business opportunities. The program offers a unique chance to support and showcase your innovation ideas. Integrated with this segment, is an introduction to Finance, the money needed for your dream project 😊. Interesting aspects of a business similar to budgeting &corporation’s financial statements fundamentals are practiced. How to interpret and analyze financial reports that will help you in your business decision making. Introduction to financial stock markets and the purpose it serves in the economy. As well as the impact of cryptocurrency and bitcoins.

‘Project Management Skills for life’ aspect of our program provides an understanding of project management concepts, explains how a project manager and team can effectively define a project, organize the work, create a plan, and work the plan to a successful conclusion. As a project manager, you will start to develop skills necessary to lead and manage successful initiatives. By practicing the project management simulations and other activities, you will determine strategies that will guide you throughout your entrepreneurship challenges successfully.

Our relentless 3 in 1 bootcamp of practical and challenging activities will put you through tough business challenges, serious financial descion-making and both simple and elaborate projects. You will be working with brilliant other YYs learning, challenging, making friends and having fun. All of this is happening from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (STT* 6:00 p.m.) / 5 days a week / 3 great weeks! This summer we are launching the Technology Citizenship Initiative too, an added value, don’t miss out. For more details about the Empowered Entrepreneur Track program and registration, please visit our site:

*STT: Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday