On Thursday, January 23rd, 2020, by the end of the first week of Spring 2020, College of Engineering arranged a casual event for students, specially freshmen, to meet with their academic advisors and department members. The event took place between 11:00am – 1:00pm in which a handful of students got the chance to discuss their study plan and scheduling issues with their advisors and scheduling committee members. In addition, the gathering gave a chance for students to meet with their seniors in major as well to share more about their projects involvements.

The Dean, Dr. Muhammad Anan, expressed that the event will be added to the the College of Engineering  regular events calendar to be conducted  at the beginning of each semester in order to resolve any issues in regards to the students study plans and scheduling conflicts. The Engineering Programs study plan has been updated recently, to be effective Fall 2019, therefore, it requires close follow up with the freshmen and their progress forward.

The event was in a casual and relaxed setting in which students across the engineering departments attended.