Alfaisal Graduate student Mrs Maha Gumssani, very recently was the first graduate from the CERB program from the Alfaisal CoM., in a research entitled: “QUANTIFICATION OF VARIANCE IN THE OOCYTE ACTIVATION FACTOR PHOSPHOLIPASE C ZETA IN MOUSE MODELS”. She was invited for an interview conducted by the Rotana Khaleejiah Channel, where she discussed infertility treatment and the role of embryologists. She has also discussed her research project, which is an example of the exciting collaborative research performed between Alfaisal and the KFSHRC. Importantly, also discussed was how Saudi women have proven themselves over the last few years, and how they are set to increase their role in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in coming times. The interview can be accessed through this link:

Worth-mentioning is the help and support provided by the highly qualified faculty and staff at Alfaisal and the KFSHRC. COM is accordingly offering pioneering programs such as the CERB, and also playing a key role in preparing highly competent leaders of the future for Medicine and for Research. This is a perfect example of the sort of public impact that we are making with not only our research, but also the attention we give to development of our students.