It is with great pleasure that we share with you, on behalf of the College of Medicine at Alfaisal University and the Medical Deans Committee in Saudi Arabia the big success of the first Workshop for The College of Medicine Deans entitled ‘’Medical Deans Development Workshop”, which was held on Friday and Saturday, May 13th and 14th, 2022, on Alfaisal University Campus.

Alfaisal’ s Organizing Committee would like to convey heartfelt appreciation to our inspiring leadership for their trust and the amazing support they provided and for their continuous empowerment that made all this possible. A big thank you to Prof. Khaled for his vision, trust and continuous support. Below is a summary of the themes that were discussed during the workshop, which was attended by distinguished national and international speakers and included various large and small-group sessions, panels and breakout discussions. these themes included:

  1. Understanding and Managing the Environment of Medical Education Stakeholders.
  2. Developing Personal Leadership Skills and Building Trust in Leadership.
  3. Educational Leadership – Managing the Organization.
  4. Continuous Professional Development/Performance Management;Developing and Managing People/Effective Team Management.

Sincere words of gratitude and appreciation go to Prof. Thomas Aretz and Prof. Lynn Eckhert for their hard work in designing and moderating the workshop sessions.

In addition, deepest gratitude goes to the amazing colleagues at Alfaisal for their valuable contribution to the success of the workshop: Eng. Malek Al Mobarek, Senior Manager of Facility and his team, Mrs. Safia Dart, Director of Marketing and Communications and her exceptional team for planning and executing the marketing activities for the workshop. Mr. Syed Abdullah Shah, IT Services Manager, and his great team for the technical support.

Lastly, special thanks go to Alfaisal’ s Organizing Committee members Dr. Hassan Shaibah, Dr. Hatouf Sukkarieh, Ms. Nora Alhomidan, Ms. Noor Alsaadoun, Dr. Aymen Mohamed and Dr. Raed Albar, for their endless efforts and dedication. Thank you for all the hard work and the long hours you put in to ensure the success of this workshop.