On Wednesday, 14th of October 2020, Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Al-Mashal, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Riyad Capital, was the speaker in the CoB Executive Lecture Series. He delivered a lecture under the title, “Capital Market and Investment Products”.

After concluding his lecture, Mr. Abdulrahman announced an investment award offered by Riyadh Capital for three students and invited CoB students to compete for it. Since that announcement, over fifty CoB students competed for the award. The following three students were declared the winners of the award:

  • Omar Rajab
  • Yasmine Abdeen
  • Ibrahim Al Mushawwah

Each winner will be awarded an investment account worth 5000 SAR at Riyad Capital. The amount will be subscribed in one of Riyad Capital investment funds after opening an account in Riyad Capital. The winners can use the funds for different types of investment selections they choose. The prize will provide the winners with a broader selection of investment opportunities and will help them gain investment expertise. Many congratulations to the Winners and to Riyadh Capital!