The UPP class of 2011 marked the end of the year with an end-of-the year ceremony on June 21st.   All students in the Business, Engineering, and Medicine pathways were encouraged to attend. The venue was the main campus of Alfaisal University. The hour-long ceremony was attended by UPP faculty, administrators, and students; Alfaisal University officials and academic representatives; and parents of UPP students.

The ceremony consisted of a presentation by a student-selected teacher (Mr. Chris Dundy), a presentation of the honor role students by Mr. Donald Schmidt, certificates presented by Mr. Patrick Bauer and Dr. Mohammed Alowayed, Alfaisal’s Dean of Admission, and a congratulatory speech by Dr. Faisal Mubarak, Provost. The ceremony was well attended.
A faculty end-of-year ceremony was also held to introduce the new female faculty and to bid farewell to Mr. Dana Forsythe, Mr. Charles Cejaka, and Mr. Ric Dawson.

Completion certificates were handed out by the Director, Mr. Patrick Bauer, with the assistance of the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, Mr. Donald Schmidt. Mr. Bauer also gave a closing address, emphasizing the importance of character over reputation.