A research workshop was held for Alfaisal undergraduate students on Wednesday 13 May 2009. The aim of this workshop, which was organized by Dr. Theo Goosen, the Associate Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies at Alfaisal, was to give students hands-on experience in developing objectives and methodology for a research project in a team-work setting. Thirty people attended the event. Students, staff and faculty divided themselves into groups of 5-6 people, with a student selected as group leader. After choosing a hypothetical project from a list provided, a set of objectives was created as well as a brief methodology for every objective. Each group posted their results on a large sheet of paper at the front of the room. The group leaders then gave a brief explanation of their results. Dr. Paul Ganguly, a Professor in the College of Medicine said, “The workshop will help students to more effectively participate in summer research projects. I think it is a great idea.”