Fukuoka communiqué calls for a number of definite actions by G20 leaders to support young entrepreneurs

Fukuoka, Japan (May 17, 2019) The organization representing the world’s young entrepreneurs today called for the G20 countries to support cross-border mobility to ensure higher growth, job creation and social engagement for the world’s young people.  The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA) issued the call at its annual summit, held this year in Fukuoka, Japan and hosted by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Japan.

“In a world where an increasing number of countries are talking about closing borders, we need to remember that mobility is an important driver of the world economy,” said Bruno Sanguinetti, on behalf of outgoing Alliance Chair Argentina.  “We need world leaders to commit to a G20-wide start-up visa program that will encourage young people to partner across borders.”  Haya Alanbar delegate of Saudi Arabia stated that “it’s important to hear from entrepreneurs around the world what aspirations they have and how Saudi Arabia is in continues development not only to meet the aspirations of the Saudi entrepreneurs put also the aspirations of the global entrepreneurs for a global sustainable development”

In addition to reiterating its commitment to mobility, the world’s young entrepreneurs called upon the G20 to take specific measures to improve the access to finance and capital, support social and sustainable businesses, invest in digital infrastructure, promote practical entrepreneurial education.

“The world is facing a growing number of economic and social challenges and we believe one of the best ways we can address them is through engaging young people and supporting their “entrepreneurability”, namely their capacity to successfully manage their own company or career,” added Sanguinetti.

The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) is the global network of young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. The Alliance was formed in 2010 by the G20 countries to be the voice of the world’s young entrepreneurs and to provide practical solutions for job creation and inclusive growth to G20 governments. The Alliance convenes each year in advance of the G20 Summit, with the aim of championing the importance of young entrepreneurs to the G20 member nations and to share examples and Practices.