Paperless examination is a key step towards e-curriculum, one of the future goals of Alfaisal University. After successful implementation of e-exam platform of ExamSoft, Assessment Office at College of Medicine has now established a state of the art Centre for Digital Examination (C-DEX). This purpose built facility is located at the 4th floor of the library building and can accommodate 422 students (male and female) simultaneously. Centre is equipped with individualized charging ports, high capacity Wifi network, and remote camera monitoring. To facilitate examinee further, rest rooms and drinking water is provided within the examination hall. This facility is now operated by Student Affairs department and available for all examinations organized by different colleges of Alfaisal University and its collaborative examination bodies. Our first examination for year 2 medical students was held on April 1, 2018.

College of Medicine is grateful to the Dean, Dr. Khaled Al Kattan, senior administration and facility,  Engineer Malek Al Mobarak, for the support of this C-DEX project.