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Alfaisal University partners with Coursera and KLD to launch high quality online courses in Arabic

Achieving Excellence Through Next-Gen Skills Development

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February,28 2022; –In order to develop the skills and training opportunities to

meet the needs of organizations, Alfaisal University a world class Saudi university with leading ranking position in the region has, for the first time, signed a strategic agreement with both Coursera, a leading online learning platform, and Knowledge Learning Development Co. (KLD), a unique provider of specialized training solutions, to launch over 100 Arabic courses in domains like personal development, data science, business, and finance.

With this partnership, Alfaisal University and KLD can reach the 5.6 million learners registered on Coursera in the Middle East, and millions more around the world.

Dr. Yousef Al Yousef, Vice President of Research and Graduate studies at Alfaisal University commented on this strategic partnership: “The University is pleased to be contributing to the Saudi 2030 vision, by developing learning competencies and providing unique, specialized training content in collaboration with KLD. By leveraging the best and latest training strategies, together with integrated, digital online training, KLD offers the highest quality training solutions to meet the needs of organizations throughout Saudi and the Arab World.”

Dr. Yousef Al Yousef also added: “This step dovetails well with the commitment of Saudi universities in their leading role to develop comprehensive learning capabilities and providing support to all those seeking self-improvement in the Middle East. This partnership also lines up well with the aspiration of government bodies that advocate for increasing learning opportunities, developing people skills, and refining general knowledge.”

The Executive Chairman of KLD, Monaji Zamakhchary, highlighted that this new agreement is the culmination of a journey since 2016; enhancing effective e-training services for a wider audience throughout the kingdom, which are the steppingstones for learners to hone their skills and empower them to become active, contributing members of their communities. This agreement has the potential to directly and indirectly impact the development of human resources, which is one of the most important challenges that affects achieving sustainable development in the region as a whole.”

“We take pride in fulfilling our social responsibility and duty to millions and to being a part of ongoing development, in accordance with the highest global standards, especially since human skills progress is the foundation for the prosperity of societies. This initiative will help improve individual productivity and provide the skills needed to advance our global competitiveness,” Zamakhchary added.

“The world is accelerating at a rapid pace, and this is a key moment as Vision 2030 makes strides toward transforming Saudi Arabia into a knowledge-driven economy,” said Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer at Coursera. “By partnering with Alfaisal University and KLD to expand our catalogue of Arabic content, we are not only contributing to this critical effort in Saudi but expanding access to world-class education for Arabic learners around the world.”

KLD has successfully introduced high-quality e-training solutions tailored to the needs of a wide variety of sectors in the market, by providing experts sharing their knowledge and expertise in various fields based on the most successful strategies and in accordance with the highest academic standards required by Alfaisal University.

Coursera works with more than 250 leading universities and industry educators to provide online courses, Specializations, certificates, hands-on projects, and full degree programs to individuals and organizations worldwide. Since its inception in 2012, Coursera has reached more than 97 million global learners, reducing barriers to a world-class education.


About KLD:

KLD offers high quality training solutions tailored to meet the needs of organizations in the Arab World with a variety of cost-effective

programs. KLD provides each organization with the right tools to thrive in today’s competitive knowledge-based economy.

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