During November 24-28, three students from CoE’s Master of Engineering and Systems Management (MEM) students attended the Winter School on Data Science for a Better Future in Cairo, Egypt. The students (Majedah Al Nashmy, Hanin Baljun and Omran Abu Alkhair) were hosted by the German University in Cairo (GUC) with support with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The Winter School at GUC brought together researchers and industry experts from Egypt and around the world, with a strong focus on how data science can be used to address pressing environmental challenges. The School’s roster included distinguished international keynote speakers and featured workshops that provided hands-on practical experience to those interested in learning the fundamental machine learning and data science. It also included a showcase of student work featuring examples of environmental issues, and a hackathon, which encouraged the participants to innovate.

On returning from the event, the students commented on the “great experience”. “Whether in terms of organization or content, this was a great and informative opportunity”, noted Eng. Hanin Baljun. Eng. Majedah Al Nashmy further commented that “to have IBM, TFLite and Affective, and many others leading experts – all in one place, was definitely a great privilege.” Meanwhile, Eng. Omran Abu Alkhair added that “the debates and exchanges were dynamic, and on many fronts including environment, gas & oil industry, and medical and health.”

CoE’s Acting Dean, Dr. Mohamed Anan, noted “GUC is an esteemed and leading institution in Egypt, with a strong regional and international impact. We are especially thankful to Dr. Amr El Mougy for extending the invitation to our students, and are looking forward to further engagement with GUC on many fronts.” On his part, Dr. El Mougy (who is the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at GUC’s Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology), noted that “Despite its young age, Alfaisal and its engineering college have made great achievements. We were excited to receive representatives from the MEM program, who have shown strong interest and interaction during the Winter School.”