On Tuesday, 3rd of September 2019, Alfaisal University held its convocation ceremony of the Academic year 2019 – 2020 welcoming Alfaisal freshmen and new faculty. The ceremony took place in Princess Haya Auditorium in the presence of College Deans, Alfaisal President Dr. Mohammad Alhayaza and the Guest of Honor Dr. Ghassan Alshibl, the Chairman of the board directors of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority. For the first time, Alfaisal welcomed the parents to celebrate the start of their sons and daughters higher education journey.

Alfaisal President Dr. Mohammad Alhayaza gave his welcoming speech where he highlighted the university’s ranking and achievements, and assured Alfaisal new students that they will always find the guidance they need “We hold this convocation at the beginning of each academic year, to reassure you – our newest members- that you will have both the guidance and the support that you need to complete your academic journey with us, your new family, here at Alfaisal’’.

Dr. Alhayaza went on to welcome the guest of honor and keynote speaker Dr. Alshibl, who was appointed by Royal Decree in 2018, as the new the Chairman of the board directors of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority

Dr. Ghassan Alshibl obtained B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from King Saud University, Excellent with Honour degree, 1982. And began his career as a Teaching Assistant at the University (1982 – 1983). He also earned corticated in Advanced Management Program, from Harvard University, 1996. Alshibl has been Chairman of Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG) since June 2018, and has been Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director at SRMG since February 2017.

In his speech, Dr. Alshibl congratulated the students on joining one of the leading Universities in the Kingdom and the Arab world, insisting on the importance of quality education in a fast changing world, stating ‘’this is an important time where the country I changing and moving with great pace towards the future and achieving the vision 2030, and you will be an important player in understanding the change, coping and benefitting from it by obtaining a quality education that understands the needs of our country and the world and works hard to fulfil it’’

As every year, an outstanding Alfaisal student or Alumni gives a speech to encourage the freshmen and motivate them to face what’s coming ahead of them, for this year, College of Business Alumni Refaa Aldosari, who is currently doing her Co-op as an Audit at EY and is appointed as a part of STC audit team, gave a speech to the new students where she emphasized on the importance of the higher education and University education, saying “its the most important journey of your life where you meet new people with different mindsets and backgrounds, and where you get exposed to knowledge you didn’t know existed. Most importantly, you will be surprised by the capabilities and potential you have and the person you will become”